With our extensive expertise, we are committed to identifying and delivering optimal insurance coverage solutions that effectively address a wide spectrum of risks. Whether it’s safeguarding against basic and catastrophic perils, mitigating business interruption, managing professional liability, or providing comprehensive protection against third-party liability and other potential hazards, we ensure that your insurance needs are met with a tailored and robust approach.

Liability insurance for damage caused by / to:

  • Operations, product defects;
  • Exercise of ownership right to real estate;
  • Assets that you use or accept or that are brought in or left behind;
  • Leased real estate, employees’ personal effects;
  • Accepted vehicles, loading or unloading of products, operation of machinery, etc.;
  • Reimbursement of treatment costs incurred by health insurance companies.

Life insurance

  • Life insurance (pension, capital, investment, variable);
  • Risk life insurance;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Daily sickness allowance insurance;
  • Coverage for children.

Professional liability insurance

  • Private medical facility operators (dentists, pharmacies, outpatient physicians…);
  • Social services providers;
  • Economic and legal professionals (attorneys, notaries, auditors, tax advisors, accountants);
  • Real estate agencies;
  • Facility managers.

Property and liability insurance

  • Insurance of apartment, houses or recreational buildings;
  • Home insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Third-party liability (civil, employees to employers);
  • Car insurance.


Professional liability

It is necessary for clients, who carry out intellectual activities that require certain education, such as doctors, tax advisors, accountants, attorneys, notaries, auditors, brokers, facility managers, real estate agencies, architect, IT specialists (firms), designers, social services providers, veterinarians or personnel placement agencies.

General liability

We prioritize the protection of all our clients, as well as any third-party property or well-being that may be potentially impacted by their business activities, products, or services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we mitigate any risks and potential liabilities associated with these activities, providing a secure environment for both our clients and any affected third parties.


If a client does business in his or her own property

Building components

Construction work for leased premises at client’s costs

Movable assets

Equipment, installations, inventory, valuables owned by a client as well as any used (borrowed) or accepted (e.g. to be repaired) third-party assets

Clients may not be that familiar with this coverage, but it may be very beneficial. It covers fixed costs that clients must pay even when their business operations are halted, together with lost profits that would have otherwise been generated.

This is additional coverage in situations, in which clients wish to get the most extensive cover for their property, since general property insurance only covers specified insurance perils. However, you can purchase additional coverage for virtually any risk.

In this context, cargo refers to transport of own products or equipment – not to be confused with third-party liability insurance for carriers! For example, this coverage may be beneficial for a retailer that owns several retail outlets and a warehouse at a different location or for service technicians that visit their clients with their own equipment.


Our highly trained specialists are fully equipped and ready to provide comprehensive insurance quotations tailored to meet any type of situation, including highly specific and unique requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us and request a non-binding quote.


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